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A Bear a day … now wouldn’t that be something? That’s exactly what you’re getting when you subscribe to my “Bear Mail”.

One drawing of – and a brief dialogue between – Bear and his friends: the quick-witted Raccoon, who always knows which truck the things Bear needs for his crazy projects fell off from, the French gander Claude who only speaks Quack and loves Escargots à la Bourguignonne, Roger he Scottish mole and his brothers of the Clan Mac Mole – and occasionally me, their friend and artist. Once per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The daily drawings are part of a story arc that usually runs over a few days up to a month. All story arcs are loosely connected. Don’t worry about joining mid-story, you will be up to speed pretty quickly and Bear, Raccoon, Roger and Claude will soon become a part of your life you don‘t want to miss.

Claude finds a snail and gets excited: “Quack!“ (which loosely translates to “Out of the way, this one’s MINE!“)

The Raccoon “finds” stuff one just might need for the treehouse they’re building …

Gander Claude leads the way for the friends in the Tartan Mobile, through a rainy Scotland

I‘m making a rare guest appearance in front of the camera

Angus and Fergus Mac Mole having a wee dram mid-digging

I’ve been drawing Bear for 40+ years, almost every day of my life. In November 2016 I decided to share him with the world for the first time and in March 2017 I started the “Bear Mail” subscription for my German audience. I’ve since sent out well over 2,000 Bear Mails to several hundred subscribers over time, and not missed one single day. In fact, on 11 Jan 2024 we‘ll have reached issue no. 2,500!

Come rain or come shine (or snow) – Bear Mail will deliver.

Watch my trailer here (or click play in the header above) and get a wee taste of what you’re signing up for. You can start and stop anytime, the minimum duration is only one month. 


- Kiki


About me:

I’m an illustration artist and author in Hamburg, Germany. I make a living drawing Bear, who’s been my best friend since, well, forever. My first hardcover book with 96 pages and over 50 illustrations about Bear & I and our childhood days was successfully crowdfunded and published in April 2019. An illustrated cookbook with Bear’s favourite recipes was published in October 2021, and I am currently working on an illustrated travel journal of Bear and his friends adventurous Scotland trip, scheduled tor publication in spring 2024.


You’ll get one drawing and dialogue of the story each day (via email)

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Bear Mail Subscription

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